Warung Yess – Go Local

Warung Yess is a little outside of the center of Canggu on the right hand side of the main road to Pereranan Beach, around 100m after the Bali Veterinary Clinic. Inside this very special traditional warung, owned by local Pererenan villager Pak Nyoman, you find a beautiful spotlessly clean setting that you would never imagine from the outside.
Sit at one of the three tables in the airy balinese style inside area or enjoy the atmosphere in the peaceful unique little garden in the backyard.

Enjoy delicious, fresh food all day long, from sweet banana pancakes for breakfast to soto ayam (indonesian: chicken noodle soup) for dinner. But the highlight is the popular indonesian dish called Nasi Campur (indonesian: mixed rice), which is a rice based dish accompanied by  dishes that might consists of vegetables and meats, served in personal portions. First add the rice to your plate, then select around 5 small portions, the combo is up to you. The beauty of this dish is that it is always changing as there are numerous combinations of flavours and dishes to choose from.

You only need to grab Rp. 35.000 to Rp. 45.000 from your pocket for this wonderfully flavoured plate of Nasi Campur.
Eat it straight away or let the staff wrap the dish in brown paper and take it with you. This is called Bunkus (indonesian: take away).

Warung Yess, Jl. Pantai Pererenan, Mengwi Bali
Open from 8am – 10pm