Your custom Surfboard

You have decided that you want a custom shaped surfboard, one that will be hand-shaped to your specifications, with your own design and name on it.

These days you have more choices than ever. Modern surfboards come in all shapes and sizes. From longboards to shortboards, from beginner boards to short performance boards, from new experimental shapes to old retro designs. With so many different names, shapes and models it gets hard to tell what is what, and even more important which surfboard works for yourself.


Custom Shapes

choosing the right board

Choosing the right board for your abilities is necessary to having a successful and fun surfing experience. Not only your surf ability but also your weight, height and fitness level are important. Equally relevant is how the surf conditions are where you usually surf.

As your Surf Guide I know where and how you surf and what your strengths and weaknesses are. I use that knowledge to choose the right equipment and build the best board for you.

Design & Price

create and order

The benefit when it comes to your own custom hand shaped surfboard is that when you are ordering it you can express any wish you want.

Up to 6’2” 4.300.000IDR
6’3” – 6’10” 4.500.000IDR
Up to 6’3” 4.400.000IDR
6’4” – 6’10” 4.700.000IDR
6’11” – 7’10” 4.900.000IDR
Up to 9’2” 5.300.000IDR
9’3” – 9’6” 5.600.000IDR
9’7” – 10’10” 6.000.000IDR
Fiberglassfins 400.000IDR
Grip 350.000IDR
Leash 350.000IDR
Color Airbrush 100.000IDR
Resin Color 150.000IDR
GoPro FCS Plug 200.000IDR
Boardbag 550.000IDR
Boardsock 450.000IDR