Reusable bags to protect the environment

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Bali is known for its coastal beauty and perfect surf breaks. Unfortunately, in recent years, many of the sandy beaches have become increasingly dirty and polluted, with piles of trash ruining the beautiful picture.

In fact, it has become so alarming that Bali is facing an environmental and health disaster with the over consumption of plastic bags and the overflow of garbage all over the island. Every day, the island produces about 10,000 cubic meters of garbage, 10 to 12 percent of which is plastic. With more than four million inhabitants, it is calculated that about eight million plastic bags are given out in Bali every day, be it at supermarkets, warung (roadside stalls) or boutiques.

This overflow of plastic trash, combined with an ineffective waste disposal system represents a serious danger for the environment. Out of the 10,000 cubic meters of garbage produced every day, only half of it is taken care of by the government. The rest is either being burned, dumped into rivers or discarded carelessly on the roadside and beaches.

Much of the plastic waste that remains uncollected is burned, producing highly toxic smoke that can cause health problems, including cancer. The trash thrown away carelessly by the side of the roads can block sewer lines and cause flooding. And waste thrown into the ocean might be ingested by sea creatures, causing death for turtles, fish and sea birds.

Aiming to tackle this problem, Tas Pasar (Market Bag) is a Bali-born social movement initiated by Australian David Eagles who has been living in Bali for 16 years, in collaboration with Balinese bodybuilding champion Komang Arnawa, and the Solemen Indonesia Foundation.

Their project revolves around the simple idea of reducing plastic trash by introducing a reusable bag.

Tas Pasar calls for a holistic collaboration with local warungs, corporations and the tourism industry at large. Environmentally conscious business establishments in Bali can join the project. Tas Pasar bags are made from spunbond nonwoven fabric, which is commonly used as an alternative to plastic.“These are not fully environmentally friendly bags, but they are reusable,” Eagles explains.

The main focus remains on creating awareness and habit-building around reusing bags to protect the environment.

Dolar Surf Guiding & Coaching joined this initiative because the over consumption of the plastic bags is an issue that must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and save our most valuable resource, the environment. This campaign is to encourage you to “BRING YOUR OWN BAG” to the shops, markets and the beach.