Ayam Betutu – Go Local

Forget the fuss about fancy interior design, silver cutlery or cushioned chairs and sit down in a non-air-conditioned space on plastic stools and tables, with toilet paper rolls for napkins.
This one is all about the ultimate local dining experience and the authentic taste of Ayam Betutu.

In the olden days the dish called Betutu was meant only for religious ceremonies and temple anniversaries. Nowadays a few local businesses serve Betutu on a daily basis. One of them is Warung Ayam “Rama” in Canggu, close to the intersection of Jalan Batu Bolong and Jalan Raya Canggu, across the street from Dia Mart/Mini Mart.
Ayam Betutu is chicken, stuffed and marinated with rich Balinese spices, then slowly cooked covered in coal for hours. The main ingredients include chilli, onions, lemongrass, galangal, nutmeg, turmeric, lime leaves, ginger and coriander, a bit of sugar and salt. The meat is delicious, and easily slips off the bone. It is served with steamed white rice, blanched water spinach, bean sprouts, fried peanuts, a boiled egg and mouthwatering bumbu plecing (sambal made from chili, shallots, garlic). Prices range from Rp. 8.000 to Rp. 15.000 for a plate, depending on the size you choose.

Taste this well-prepared, delicious local dish in this locally-owned place.

Warung Ayam Rama, Jl. Raya Canggu br. Pipitan 77, Canggu
Open from Mo-Sat. 8am-8pm / Sun. 8am-3pm