Beginner surf lesson

What to expect from your first beginner surf lesson?

After I pick you up from your accommodation your surf lesson begins on the beach where I tell you a bit about the area and teach you the basics of surfing:
– the parts of a surfboard
– safety tips to keep you uninjured while surfing
– proper positioning and paddling technique on a surfboard
– proper technique for standing on a surfboard
– learning to turn your board and how to paddle for waves
– practicing standing up

I will then answer any questions you may have and lead into a quick stretching session. Then we will go over the basic movements on the sand and learn how to stand up with the correct stance to make sure you understand the movement of popping up.

After your beach lesson, is the time you’ve been waiting for – time to hit the ocean! When you are beginning to surf it is best to start close to the shore in whitewater-waves/broken waves until you have the basics down.
In the water I will help you to position yourself and watch for the perfect wave. Once it is coming, I will give you a slight push into the wave. This is when the fun begins. Once you feel the push, it’s time to pop-up and enjoy the ride.

Keep in mind learning to stand up is important but it is not something you need to become obsessed with in your first lesson. Some people find it easy, others find it tricky, but with practice it gets easier and easier. Just trust that you will gradually get to your feet quicker and with more grace. Don´t let any difficulties get in the way of your motivation. Surfing is all about having fun!

Book your first surf lesson now and awake your inner surfer!