eat the freshest fish of your life

Do you want to eat tasty, fresh seafood like a local then head south to Jimbarans traditional fish market, shop for your own fish and get a local restaurant to cook it up for you.

The market opens right after the break of dawn at 6am and closes at 3pm. Watch local fishing boats land and unload their catches, greeted by smaller vendors on the sand while countless pick-up trucks ship out the fresh seafood to hotels and restaurants.

Follow the smell of fish and enter the ramshackle sheds of the fish market. The market is structured in three main parts: the wholesale area, the public sale area and the area with some local fishermen selling their products directly on the beach. Wander around the market, watch the locals live and shop and choose a fish, squid or giant prawn yourself. After purchasing your fish, walk outside where you find local restaurants to cook up your seafood. Watch them marinate it before pushing it into a caged holder, and then place it over a flaming barbeque. Now all you need to do is wait for your delicious flavourful seafood to be ready to enjoy it with some rice, sambal and a young coconut.

If you want to eat the freshest fish of your life then I recommend you to buy the fish yourself and get the locals to cook it for you. Taste the local fish in a really unique and most importantly locally-owned place.