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Nadine & Max schrieb am April 7, 2016 um 7:19 am
During the 10 days of surfguiding with Komang he was always so flexible with our wishes and on time like a swissmade watch;-). We've been to Bali already several times and decided on going to surf with Komang again. With him we were not just always at the right time at the right spots, but he also gave us some good insider tips for restaurants and other shops we were looking for. But even with the best in the water all ,,tips and tricks,, just help if you see yourself on the video and what exactly you're doing;-) so the videocoatching did really help. Thx again for that awesome time, we had a lot of fun and as always we'll come back earlier than expected or planed;-) PS: Congrats to the new homepage looks really cool, especially the spot description - loving it! PPS from Max: Thx for the best surfboard ever!! Improved a lot during the surfguiding with you. A big part of my improvement is because of the board, just gets the best out of me!
Maria schrieb am April 1, 2016 um 9:19 am
I know quite a few surf coaches in Bali but if you would ask me about a recommendation it would definitely be Dolar. He is a very good coach. Experienced, responsible and reliable. But most of all he is such an honest and lovely soul.
Caro schrieb am März 29, 2016 um 2:59 am
I have surfed with a few surfschools around the world like Portugal, Spain and Bali and I can safely say that surfing with Dolar is the best I have came across! Dolar makes sure that the lessons suit you and takes care of you in the water so you always feel safe. Because the groups are small you always feel comfortable and guarded. Highly recommend Dolar Surf Guiding and Coaching it was so much fun and I really made some progress in the 7 days I surfed with Dolar in Bali.
Julia schrieb am März 29, 2016 um 2:35 am
We, my boyfriend and I booked the 5 surf sessions "wet hair we don't care" Package with Dolar and couldn't be happier. Dolar picked us up from our hotel every morning and we went to different beaches every day. Dolar was always on time...and that is quiet unusual in Bali! Really professional and fun. Surfing with Dolar made our holiday a special one...for sure we will come back! Thanks Dolar!