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Nicky schrieb am August 30, 2016 um 1:49 pm
Had great time surfing with Dolar. I surfed with many guides in Bali, but surfing with Dolar was very special. His dedication and passion to make sure that you learn new things every session is amazing. Told many times to Dolar how saddening it was to find him just last minute! But i managed to go surf with him for 6 times and i can say, i was riding the best waves of my life! I'm definitely coming back to surf with Dolar in very near future.
Sig schrieb am August 30, 2016 um 1:26 pm
I had so much fun and at the same time Dolar's advice helped me to improve very quickly. I learned how to read waves better and I am comfortable now to ride smaller boards. Definetly would recommend taking his lessons!
Vicki schrieb am August 8, 2016 um 3:52 am
Dolar is not your average coach, he loves what he does, and not only he surfs well, but is a very patient, detailed and reliable coach. Also a warm and fun person, and lots of positive vibes! Loved it!
Miriam and family schrieb am Juli 31, 2016 um 3:15 pm
We,a family with 2 girls (10/12), had the best surf teachers ever this summer! Komang and Yona had lots of patience in giving us time to get the confidence to ride the waves. We finally managed to surf them (a bit) and had so much fun. We warmly recommend Dolar and remember to be always on fire!! Thanks again Komang and Yona!
Jesper schrieb am Juli 29, 2016 um 7:33 am
Dolar is a great surfingcoach. He was my first surfing coach and he was great. His enthusiasm, helpfullness, service & surfingskills is just amazing. He seems to really love teaching and that makes the difference. I will recommend Dolar to any surfer experienced or not.
Marc schrieb am Juli 23, 2016 um 11:14 am
I had taken group surf guiding with two friends. for me it was the first time surfing. at the beginning we did some dry exercises after this we went to the water... it was such a nice feeling! dolar helped us to find the best positions in the waves and get some feeling for the timing! on our five sessions we had the chance to explored 4 different surfspots! i can recommend dolar surfguiding absolutly! thanks for the nice time dolar....:)
Steepo schrieb am Juli 21, 2016 um 3:39 am
This guy is on fire!! Dolar helped me alot to improve my surf skills and showed me around! It was important for him to show me diffrent surfspots! He also filmed me that i can see my mistakes, that was super helpful! I've been injured for a couple months on my arm, so he helped me all the time to catch waves! Pushed me on currency back home like a savior! You guys should defently book right now here! See you soon Dolar!
Andrew Duncan schrieb am Juli 18, 2016 um 10:07 pm
Dolar was my first and only surf instructor, and I can't say enough positive things about him. I learned about him through a trusted recommendation, so I had high hopes. The entire experience was professional - from the booking, his responsiveness over Facebook, to the day of my lesson. He picked me up in Canggu, provided the board and equipment, and we spent much of the morning surfing in Seminyak. He got some good GoPro pics as well! He was helpful, patient, and very encouraging - I'd never really surfed before and needed to learn everything. My only regret is that I couldn't spend more time learning to surf from him. He's fantastic and you should book time with him if he's available. It's also worth mentioning that Dolar is someone trying to make Bali and its beautiful beaches better - he cares deeply about the environment and had some very interesting perspectives on it. Thanks, Dolar! Cheers, Andrew
Nakul & Mika schrieb am Juli 14, 2016 um 1:31 pm
I had taken one group surf lesson in Hawaii previously, and enjoyed it OK. My fiancee (Mika) pushed us to go again in Bali, with Dolar, who came as a recommendation of a friend. I was reluctant because I struggled the first two times, but we ended up going anyway. It was AWESOME. Dolar is SUPER passionate, and you can see how badly he wants his students to succeed. He told us "OK Last one" about 15 times, because he couldn't resist the temptation to have us keep going and trying! Very helpful coaching and tips, + he runs around like crazy trying to help you catch the perfect wave. See you again soon, Dolar!
Deniz Esertas schrieb am Juli 1, 2016 um 9:28 am
I met Dolar 5 years ego in Bali surf camp. Couldn't wait to get back in the water with his guindence of course :).. He has very good patience and make sures you have fun. Watches out for you which helped me relax and enjoy the water.. Definetly recommended!! Keep up the good spirits Dolar! See you soon again 🙂 xx
Laura Christiaens schrieb am Juni 22, 2016 um 5:03 am
Where to start... Dolar was the first surf teacher I had that truly showed me how amazing surfing can be. I initially booked 5 lessons but due to his expertise, relax attitude and just general good vibes these 5 lessons quickly turned into 20 lessons. He always found the good spots, always made sure that you got some waves and just generally made you have an amazing time each and every session. He knows what he's doing and you feel that the moment you step in the water with him. I could go on and on but I would just say go and book your lesson! There is no chance in hell you will regret it!
Izzy Morris schrieb am Juni 18, 2016 um 1:17 pm
Dolar was extremely patient and persistent when teaching us as beginners. We both stood up in our first lesson which was such an encouraging factor, this was because he took us to small and appropriate waves which suited our ability. When we fell off he wasn't afraid to laugh and help us make a joke out of it, encouraging us to get back up and on the board. Overall I would reccomend him to any one who is new to surfing!
Lauren Edmondson schrieb am Juni 11, 2016 um 6:16 am
Dolar was extremely helpful and patient with beginners and made us feel very comfortable in the water. He has very good English and explained everything really clearly. Most importantly he made the lesson so enjoyable and I would definitely recommend to any other new surfers!
Lydia Cooke schrieb am Juni 2, 2016 um 2:48 am
Dolar quickly became not just my teacher but a friend too. He's so easy to get on with which allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable in the water; making catching waves just that bit easier! Absolutely loved my time with dolar and couldn't have done it with out his expert teachings, local knowledge and friendly face!
Elisabeth schrieb am April 24, 2016 um 10:06 pm
The first time I met Dolar was in April 2015. Friends recommended him. Surfing with Dolar was a pleasure. He is a really good teacher and the most important thing, he is a really patient teacher. His passion is catching. So if you visit this beautiful island, try Dolar Surf Guiding & Coaching. You won’t regret it.
Vera schrieb am April 14, 2016 um 12:06 pm
I got to meet Dolar last Winter. He was recommended by a good friend. He is very fun and a really nice person. At the same time he knows when its time to get serious and starts teaching. As an Austrian girl, I didnt know much about the sea or waves. Surfing is so much more than just to stand up and surf. He has a really good way of teaching how to understand the waves like where to paddel out, where to catch the wave or where to paddel in again. The next time I go to Bali, I will definitly get Dolar as a Guide and Teacher again. I can highly recommend that guy!
Tamas schrieb am April 13, 2016 um 10:32 am
When i'm in Bali I always surf with Dolar, he is very kind and helpfull person, but first of all he is such a good surf coach and guide! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM
Jung schrieb am April 10, 2016 um 2:42 pm
I'm a total beginner surfer but tracked down Dolar thru some friends who recommended him. Dolar was incredibly patient and really....just a great guy to show me around the beach and get me up and riding in no time. He really knows the area and is really thorough in his teachings. I felt always safe and in good hands when I was out in the water. Plus his great smile and energy was very contagious. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOLAR.
Limay schrieb am April 8, 2016 um 8:47 am
I found Dolar's surf guiding flyer by chance at a local warung. I'm so glad I did! My friend and I had a great time surfing with Dolar. We did 8 days in total with him. He tries to change it up by going to different beaches at different times. He explains the dos and don'ts, showed us things like how to watch the waves and wait sometimes before entering the water. He always has his eye on you in the water so you feel safe. The video analysis was a very good thing to do if you want to improve quickly. Dolar embodies everything surfing - cool, chill, smooth, happy and super skilled! Highly recommend to any surfer of any level. Thanks Dolar! See you next time ???
Daniel schrieb am April 7, 2016 um 10:19 am
Dolar is such a kind, lovely and responsible teacher. We love his guiding and can really recommend him. Even our little daughter kept him in mind for month – not only because of singing Anne Kaffekanne 😉