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Laura & David schrieb am August 22, 2017 um 8:08 am
It's been a wonderful experience to share part of our holidays with Dolar. He is not only a good coach but also a great and friendly person. He was committed to find the best spots that suited our different level of surfing considering the daily wind/swell conditions and our safety, so we both could enjoy the waves. Devoted to help and provide the best advice (and respect for surfing etiquette), and the most important, to have fun. We are very happy to have met him. Thank you Dolar! 🙂
Karina & Craig schrieb am August 17, 2017 um 9:22 am
Thank you very much for yesterday's amazing surf lesson! Dolar is a fantastic teacher: very patient, always cheerful and funny an motivating. We were bloody beginners, but after the first three or so unsucessful attemps we caught almost every wave - thanks to his helpful advice! Dolar really knows and loves his job and we can only recommend him as a guide.
Pascal and Bee schrieb am Juli 27, 2017 um 1:39 am
It was an awesome day with Dolar! He was always positive and friendly. He helped us to surf the first wave in our life and it was so much fun to spend the day with him. If you haven't surfed yet I would recommend Dolar. You will surf at least one wave and feel this great feeling. Thank you Dolar!
Laetitia Campe schrieb am Juni 7, 2017 um 12:19 pm
Thanks for the surf lesson the other day. It was uplifting to be taken to such a good spot at the right time and encouraged to paddle for selected waves or not. Dolar was professional had good client care and had a structure to the lesson with good progression. I have surfed quite a bit over many years and it was a treat to have him by my side and being encouraged and empowered. Good communication and very positive right from the start. Good fun! Thanks
Sophia schrieb am Mai 22, 2017 um 3:55 pm
Thanks for the great surfing lesson! I'm a beginner and felt very safe and taken care of with Dolar, who always checked in with me and just made it a wonderful experience. Danke für die tolle Surfing Stunde! Als Anfänger habe ich mich bei Dolar sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt - er hat mich im Wasser immer im Auge gehabt, für mein Level passende Wellen gefunden und mir in den richtigen Momenten einen kleinen Schubs auf die Welle gegeben. Ich hatte unheimlich viel Spaß und kann jedem Dolar als Guide nur ans Herz legen!
Ivani and Astrid schrieb am Mai 12, 2017 um 4:47 am
We had an amazing time with Dollar! really appreciate that he took the time to find the perfect waves for us beginners even though it ment driving for an hour. During surfing he had us on the eye the whole time asking after every wave if all was good. The lesson starts with a theoratical expanation and on shore stand up trials. After every wave we got a constructive feedback and honestly we can only recommend him! we will for sure take more lessons with him next time on Bali. Last but not least, he is fun and will give you an insight in the bali culture and things to see. Thank you $!
Bea, Nuria, Nerea & Steff schrieb am Mai 6, 2017 um 5:08 pm
Thanks for these great days of surfing, Komang! We did profit a lot from your extraudinary skills. Your knowledge of the sea and the waves is excellent... mr. eagle eye 😉 We thank you so much and look forward to spend some more time with you... wherever...! See you soon.. terima kasih
Patrick Mackay schrieb am April 14, 2017 um 4:47 am
Had a great experience in Canggu surfing a variety of locations with Komang Dolar. I know how to surf but would like to improve so Komang gave me some great tips which have improved my surfing. I also would not have caught as many waves if I was researching which breaks to go to myself. Just that part there was priceless for me. Thanks Komang! This was my best experience with a guide and I've hired guides in Mexico, El Salvador and other locations in Indonesia. I strongly suggest their services.
Svenja schrieb am März 5, 2017 um 2:45 pm
We had 12 perfect surfing days with Dolar! He was always very friendly, punctual and brought us to perfect spots, with almost no surfers around!! Because of his helpful advices and supportive way I could even manage to stand up on my first surf lession 😀 furthermore I felt really safe and also with the sometimes quite heavy shorebreak he was there to keep us safe. I definitively want to have more lessons with Dolar to improve my surf 🙂 it was so much fun and always exciting which new beach we gonna see next! Hope to come back to Canggu soon..
Kira schrieb am März 5, 2017 um 2:45 pm
I can just say Dolar is the best Surf teacher I've ever had! We took a 12 day-package and in those days we have made a huge progress. He brought us to different spots and he chose them carefully, most of the time we were almost alone out there what made us catch even more waves! I felt always safe and it was such fun all the time, so I highly recommend him! Thank you so much for all the good advice and I hope we will see us again in the water! Cheers Kira
Carolina schrieb am Februar 22, 2017 um 12:37 pm
3 weeks ago we took a surf lesson with Dolar and it was perfect! It was my first time, and I was really nervous, but he made everything so fun and safe. I got to stand up a few times and he was always helping you and giving good advices. I definetly recomend Dolar for first timers or if you wanna learn more y have a great day!! Thanks again, hope we do this again sometime !
Justin Tan schrieb am Februar 7, 2017 um 1:32 am
Dolar and Yona picked 6 of us up at our villa in Canggu and brought us down to Serangan break by car. Dolar was super responsive (arranging the trip), punctual and such a personable guy throughout the whole day. His thorough teaching the first timers meant that they were able to stand up on their first day! Dolar's knowledge about wave positioning and his coaching was exactly what we needed to have an amazing surf session. If we are every on Bali surfing we will be sure to surf again with Dolar! Thanks again guys, we had an amazing surf day! Cheers, Justin
Justin Tan schrieb am Februar 6, 2017 um 11:00 am
6 of us went for an afternoon of surfing on Serangan reef break. Dolar and Yona picked us up at our villa in Canggu and took us by car to the break at Serangan. Boards were great, instruction was thorough and their knowledge of the waves was just what we needed! It was a shame the waves weren't as good as they could be out there but we all had a blast from start to finish! Some of our group who were first timers stood up no problem! Thanks to the guys teaching. If we are back surfing on Bali we will be sure to go with Dolar and Yona again! Awesome and thanks again! Cheers!
Sarah & Chris schrieb am Oktober 30, 2016 um 2:37 pm
Thanks for the great week of surfing, Dolar! Sarah and me were really happy about your coaching. We both improved our surfing skills and had a lot of fun on the way. We would deifinitely recommend going surfing with you to any beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer visiting Bali.
Nao Irimajiri schrieb am Oktober 19, 2016 um 4:29 pm
It was my first time to try surfing. At first,of course I was nervous but you have Komang!! Don't worry about that. He is the best instructor in Bali. You just trust him and enjoy surfing a lot!!!! It was amazing and awesome experience. Thank you so so so much!!!!!!
kathi & niklas schrieb am Oktober 12, 2016 um 11:28 am
my boyfriend and me felt very very safe, surfing with dolar. he is doing a very professional job ! He gave us a lot of things in a short time - I really can recommend Dolar in any case! Thanks for all! See you next trip !
JASMIN CHEW schrieb am Oktober 11, 2016 um 6:42 am
It is an absolute pleasure to surf with Dolar. He is a true professional and is responsive , punctual , kind, supportive and encouraging! He has the best surfing tips and makes the experience so much fun with his excellent coaching skills and wonderful personality and love for surfing. I feel that I improve exponentially each time we have a lesson! I will definitely surf with him again next time I'm in Bali. The video coaching is highly recommended ! Thank you for the best memories and for helping me continuously improve ! See you next trip !
Robert schrieb am September 4, 2016 um 8:30 pm
2nd holiday in Bali and 2nd time with Dolar, the best surf guide in Bali and probably in the world. He took me to all kinds of spots (even on the east coast). He is a very good instructor, always with an eye on safety. I can strongly recommend Dolar Surfguiding. I will post a link of the video I made of my Bali trip as soon I am done cutting. Dolar is the best!!!
Michi (with Chris and Yanick) schrieb am September 3, 2016 um 3:45 pm
It was a really cool experience to go surfing with Komang. It was not only about learning how to surf, rather felt like he's showed us a whole lifestyle. I have enjoyed every second of it. The rides to the spots, the spots, the moment I got scared the first time I felt the power of a big wave, the times I managed to surf the waves and just to be out there with Komang and my friends. Komang is passionate, happy and he'll make you feel save out in the sea with his experience, skill and positive vibes. He'll be fun to surf with at any level. Thanks for the fun Komang.
Tom&Sigi schrieb am August 30, 2016 um 2:57 pm
We truly can recommend Dolar, best guy in Bali. Explained it very well and we did several trips to different spots, which was a lot of fun. The video analysis helped a lot, big compliment to his camera guy he did a great job and caught all our rides and another cool thing is we have a video of us surfing now ;). Had a great time and we will definitively come back! #onfire