Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur (nasi = rice, campur  = mix) is the most popular Indonesian dish eaten by thousands of people every day. Super affordable and available on most streets, Nasi Campur is the staple diet for many locals and no trip to Bali is complete without trying it at least once.

The dish consists of a mound of steamed rice (usually white but some places may also offer other varieties like brown or red rice) and then you can choose a mixture of several side dishes such as vegetables, tofu, tempe, boiled or fried egg, mie noodles, chicken and fish. The combo is up to you. The beauty of this dish is that it is always changing, and there are numerous combinations of flavours.

If you wish to try local food, then why not give this place a try. Warung Heboh on the Jalan Raya Semat in Brawa/Canggu has a great selection and fresh tasty food.
It is a higher-level indonesian warung and if you compere it to other warungs it is a bit expensive, but definitely a great place to experience your first Nasi Campur.