Surfing with baby sea turtles

This afternoon we surfed in the front of Kuta Discovery Mall. For the family from Switzerland and their two kids this surf lesson turned out to be a very special one. While surfing and being busy catching waves a baby sea turtle decided to join us.

The Bali Sea Turtle Society had a turtle released just at the same day. We were lucky enough that one baby turtle found his way to just the spot where we were surfing. What a beautiful experience!

The Bali Sea Turtle Society is an organization running a conservation program for endangered sea turtles. They relocate the sea turtle eggs from the beach to a hatchery to protect the eggs. Once the turtles have hatched naturally during the evening they will release them to the sea the next day. They post updates on their Facebook page to advise the next release date and time.

What you can do to protect the sea turtles:

– Do not buy turtles products (meat, eggs, carapace/shell, etc)
– Dispose waste in proper places. Do not throw away plastic bags, fishing lines and other debris at the beach or into the sea
– Support local institutions or organizations like The Bali Sea Turtle Society working to protect sea turtles and their habitats