Rice Farming – and the most beautiful rice fields in Bali

Rice, to the Balinese, is more than just an important food source, it is an integral part of the Balinese culture. The mild climate, the local mountain lakes and the fertility of the soil make the island ideal for rice production. At the beginning of planting time, after the water buffalloes walk the rice fields... Rea... [ Read More → ]

Snorkling in Amed

For those travelling around the island of Bali Amed is a convenient stopping point. Amed isn´t a single town but a 15km long coastal strech of small villages. Most people visit Amed, on the northeastern coast of Bali, to relax by the beach, snorkel and dive. A reef follows the majority of the coastline and... Read more »... [ Read More → ]

Airport reef – a boat ride to wave heaven

Airport Reef is a surf spot located beside of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport’s runaway and you will see airplanes flying on top of you every 5 minutes or so. Not many places around the world have a back drop like this where you are so close to the runway of an airport whilst... Read more »... [ Read More → ]

Bali Tolak Reklamasi

The Locals Are Not Giving Up Teluk Benoa. The fight between Governor Mangku Pastika and the voice of the people regarding the reclamation plan of Tanjung Benoa has been going on for quite some time now. In August 2013, the biggest development project to-date was announced, a multi-million dollar investment plan to build an artificial... Read more »... [ Read More → ]

Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur (nasi = rice, campur  = mix) is the most popular Indonesian dish eaten by thousands of people every day. Super affordable and available on most streets, Nasi Campur is the staple diet for many locals and no trip to Bali is complete without trying it at least once. The dish consists of a... Read more »... [ Read More → ]