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Weathernat schrieb am November 22, 2022 um 2:05 pm
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Mitch Groom schrieb am Januar 26, 2020 um 12:30 am
We used Dolar to take us for a guided day surfing, nothing was a hassle for Dolar. He was extremely Friendly and welcoming! His knowledge of the breaks were second to none and made sure we got great waves. I will definitely use Dolar again and would recommend him to anyone, regardless of their level of ability. He would be a great coach for a beginner and a great guide for intermediate to advanced surfers now to bali!
Clemens, Carlos schrieb am September 8, 2019 um 1:28 pm
Me and a friend of mine were surfing with Dolar for 7 days. We were total beginners but Dolar taught us a lot about surfing and the ocean in general. We always had a lot of fun together, although we started early in the morning on some days! Dolar always cheered us up, told us what we were doing wrong and how we could improve. We’ve accomplished improvements every day, that wouldn’t have been possible without such a great surfing guide! Dolar we would like to thank you for an amazing and funny week with you...
Nadine schrieb am August 28, 2019 um 11:47 pm
I cannot thank Dolar enough for the past 7 days, I cannot stop smiling. I had the best time catching waves with him one-on-one. Always felt extremely safe, he chose the perfect waves for me to catch, which helped me build a lot of confidence. He always made sure I was improving my skills, while also letting me have a lot of fun. He was very punctual, extremely reliable and knowledgable. I will 100% return soon and get more lessons from him. Best surfing lessons in Bali. Best surf coaching in Canggu. Best way to learn how to surf in Bali.
Kevin schrieb am August 27, 2019 um 11:19 am
me and my girlfriend were newbies to surfing and were recommended by a friend of mine to go surfing with Dolar. It was so much fun with him, on the one hand spending time with him in the other learning to surf. He brought us to 2 different places which were adequate for us to learn. Even though it was crowded we had every time the best locations in the water and we felt every time save. I would definitely come back to him taking some more classes 🙂 Looking forward for the next holidays in Bali 😉 Greetings and stay who you are, Best Kevin from Germany 🇩🇪
Mike, Matz, Yanik schrieb am August 10, 2019 um 11:02 am
Two friends and I were surfing with dolar for 5 days. He knew exactly where to go to match our skill-levels and taught us lots of things how to improve our surfing. Always in a fun way though. we caught lots of waves and had a fun time always. even in traffic on the way home. cool music was always blasting out uf his sound system 😄🤙🏼 I can recommand dolar highly to everyone that wants to get better on the board. big thanks bro 🤘🏼 mike, matz and yanik #bigmama #paddlingpaddlingpaddling #letscheckthewavesfirst
Surf trip 2019 𖡼.𖤣𖥧 schrieb am August 6, 2019 um 2:16 am
Dolarにサーフコーチしてもらいたくて バリにまたやってきました🤘🏽 やはり彼の教え方は凄く分かりやすく 特に今回はテイクオフの練習とパドルを1ヶ月間みっちりコーチしてもらいました🏄🏽‍♀️ お陰で以前よりも早くテイクオフが出来るようになり、パドルもパワーが付きいい波でサーフィンを楽しむことができました𓂃܀𓇬 バリでサーフィンするなら 絶対に彼をオススメします◡̈✧ どのレベルでもプロフェッショナルなコーチをしてもらえますよ!
Cosi schrieb am Juni 16, 2019 um 4:51 pm
I went surfing with Dolar a few times whilst in the Canggu area and was never disappointed. He manages to find empty peaks next to busy spots and will find a spot suiting your level perfectly as well. Dolar is extremely professional, reliable, very focused and provides feedback for every wave you catch to make sure you never slack or rest. You rest, you rust. You will no doubt improve much faster surfing with him than on your own or with other guides who do not work as efficiently and diligent as he does. I felt extremely at ease in the water, confident and safe, thanks to Dolar I surfed my biggest waves ever. My trust in him combined with his confidence in me and my abilities made this happen. Totally recommend him as a guide, wished I had found him earlier and hope to catch waves with him again soon. Ever so grateful. Thanks so much. Keep surfing!
Robert schrieb am Juni 13, 2019 um 12:08 am
3rd time returning client! Best guide and coach in Bali, probably in the world. Book him, u will improve ur surflevel!!!
Linda schrieb am Mai 10, 2019 um 1:03 am
Surfing with Dolar is an ultimate joy! As a beginner, Dolar has taught me how to surf within a couple of days. It is an amazing experience to be on the road towards great surfspots and to dive into the water and ride the waves. Dolar is an incredibly kind person who made me feel very safe throughout all our surfing days. He is professional, fun to be around with and a great teacher! Look no further: Dolar is the one! Highly recommended!
Daniel and Nina schrieb am April 28, 2019 um 9:14 am
Surfing with Dolar is great, he gets u to the spot that suit your level and helps a lot in the water. We both improved our surfing in the short time we were surfing with him a lot, would totally recommend him! Cheers Daniel
Isabel schrieb am April 27, 2019 um 2:11 pm
I really had a great time with Dolar! He always finds the best spot, helps you into the water and makes you to improve. Has a lot of patience and also is really friendly. 100 per 100 recommended!!!!
Guy schrieb am April 23, 2019 um 3:13 am
Great to meet Dolar. Took me to a great uncrowded spot in Bali. Caught some good waves and helped me focus on how to improve. Definitely do it!!
David schrieb am April 22, 2019 um 9:57 pm
Me and me brother had a really nice day with Dolar. He picked us up und showed us a surf spot, which was perfect for our surf-level. We will definitely book another session with him.
Logan schrieb am April 22, 2019 um 12:20 pm
Hi this is Logan I surfed with dollar for two weeks he took us to the best brakes I had the best surfs ever he is such a nice guy and a great coach Thanks Logan
Frank, Hamish & Logan schrieb am April 22, 2019 um 12:12 pm
Big thanks Dolar “best surf ever” 5/5 you are so professional and we all loved every minute. Big thanks & Happy Surfing look forward to seeing you next time we visit Bali.
Verena schrieb am April 6, 2019 um 6:05 pm
I surfed with Dolar for the second time. It was great again. I surfed before a few times with different surf teachers or just friends - also in Bali. But I never catched such good waves and found these empty spots and perfect conditions for me. Dolar really is an experienced teacher and helped me to feel save and learn a lot in a few days. On top, the video session was very helpfull and a nice memory to so much fun in the water. Looking already forward for the next wave sessions with my favorite surf guide 🙂
Aya&Bucky schrieb am März 31, 2019 um 4:51 am
It was a awesome trip🙌🏾 He is very good at choosing a wave that suits him👍🏾 We were able to enjoy surfing thanks to him😊♪
Sayaka schrieb am März 31, 2019 um 1:13 am
Thank you for your surfing lesson for 1 month.𓂃.◌𓈒𖡼𓂂𓏲𓆸܀ It was really amazing coaching. Thanks to him I was able to enjoy every day.He knows all about Bali waves and winds, so he will always take you to the point of the best waves. If you ask for a surf guide in Bali, I definitely recommend Dolar.◡̈*♪
Julia schrieb am Oktober 27, 2018 um 1:37 pm
We really had a great time with you, Dolar! You always found us a perfect spot for our surf level and made sure that we have fun and improve our skills. It was a real pleasure to surf with you! Thank you