Balangan Beach

This weekend I took off for a daytrip to Balangan Beach, which is a 1 hour motorbike drive away from Canggu. Balangan Beach is a long white sandy beach stretch with crystal clear water at the base of rocky cliffs. Before you go down the steps at the north end of the beach there is a small... Read more »... [ Read More → ]

Airport Rights and ice-cold beer

Today we took the fun boat ride to Airport Rights Surfspot. Airport Rights is situated on the southern side of the airport runway and one of the few rights in the area. The only way out is by boat and you have to pay a little bit extra (70.000 IDR per person) because the wave... Read more »... [ Read More → ]

Warung Yess – Go Local

Warung Yess is a little outside of the center of Canggu on the right hand side of the main road to Pereranan Beach, around 100m after the Bali Veterinary Clinic. Inside this very special traditional warung, owned by local Pererenan villager Pak Nyoman, you find a beautiful spotlessly clean setting that you would never imagine from the... [ Read More → ]

Dandelion Canggu – Go Local

Experience the taste of Bali and Indonesia cuisine in this gorgeous warung. The wooden joglo, located in busy Canggu serves all of the Indonesian favourites like Chicken Sate, Pepes and Gado Gado and a nice selection of wines. The service is stunning and the staff is so welcoming, they make you feel like you visit their... Read more &raq... [ Read More → ]

Galungan – Welcoming the Spirits Home

Galungan is a Balinese holiday, a celebration to honor Ida Sang Hyang Widi, the creator of the universe and the spirits of the honored ancestors. Balinese Hindus perform rituals that are meant to welcome and entertain these returning spirits. Families offer sacrifices of food and flowers at the local temples to the spirits, expressing gratitude and hopes for protection.... [ Read More → ]